The Moon and All Her Friends EP

by a glass box

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a glass box presents a new EP entitled "the moon and all her friends," a 25-minute exploration of friends, family, the ones you leave behind, the ones who move on, and the ones who stay with you.
we find ourselves in the empty parking lots and sides streets that we now call home, in the faded memories of what kept us whole, and beneath the floorboards collecting dirt and dust.


released August 17, 2015

Delilah Luna (lyrics, music)



all rights reserved


a glass box New York, New York

my name is delilah luna and i'm a queer trans girl from boston (currently in NYC)

a glass box is an exploration of mental illness, trauma, queerness, the east coast, youth, and everything that life has given me and taken from me

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Track Name: Ambien
It’s killing me
To kill my dreams

And I can’t sleep
And I can’t breathe

And honesty will haunt your dreams

And I can’t sleep
And I can’t scream

And all I see
Is my darkest fantasies

How can I sleep
With hate-fueled screams
And Ambien dreams
Track Name: September 4th
On a quiet summer’s night
After the darkest days are out of sight
But you split me in two with all, all your dullest lies and wounds
And now you expect me to fall right back with you

All your somber winter moods
The voicemails and phone calls piling up too soon
But don’t go dreaming for broken relationships
When you can’t handle all the mistakes you’ve made

And our lives lie on the pavement
Soft-spoken words in the pouring rain when you left that night

And our hearts lie at the bottom of empty bottles
Reminding me what our past says, and to never trust myself again

And our lives lie on the pavement
Soft-spoken words in the pouring rain when you left that…

Remember the towns, remember the sights
Remember the heart, and remember tonight
That the past few years are empty homes, bitter words
And long drives all night
Track Name: Jupiter (Meet Me at Dell Rock)
Track Name: Water on Mars
The backyard is barren now
And the grass has grown gray
But we still have each other
To keep nightfall away
The basement has flooded
And washed us clean
The picture frame is empty
But full of memories

The view from the window
Is a city that is cold
But inside by the fire
Is where our stories will be told
As the car leaves the driveway
Of the place we called home
We’re free now to see
Just how far we can roam

And what about the places
That we have yet to see?
And what about the people
That we have yet to meet?

And when all seems hopeless
Remember that they found water on Mars
And when the darkness is closing in
Remember to look up at the stars

The parking lots and side streets
That we now call home
Will serve as our base
Into parts unknown
When the quiet nights seem lonely
And your heart skips a beat
Know that this only
A new beginning

Although you may be tired
And aching for the start
Of something new and different
Before things fell apart
Remember that home
Is always in your heart
Track Name: Staring at the Sun
You can’t sleep at night
Take a pill to turn off the light
But your heart can’t take the strain
Is this the way to erase all your pain?

And you spent your days
Trapped in your birdcage
Now you’re an empty book
Waiting to turn a new page
Ambien and Vicodin, Valium and quiet sins
Will make your thoughts decay
A glass of wine, killing time, kill my mind, nothing’s fine
Now that you’ve gone away

And you’re waiting to come undone
Like you’re staring at the sun

You can’t numb all your pain
Why do you keep your heart in all these chains?
So I’ll take a hit, lie again, cut my skin, try again
Nothing can help us now

You spent your days in your cage, you’re an empty book, turn the page
Klonopin and Wellbutrin, choking signs and empty breath
You left your life behind
And now you’re just waiting for me to become like you
And now you’re just waiting for me to hate you too
You’re just staring at the sun

I want to sleep all the time
But I’m so scared of dying
What the hell was going on
In your mind when you gave up
On trying to stay alive
Despite the fact that we will die
Yeah well things will always fall apart
What the hell was going through your mind
When the pills stopped your beating, aching heart, yeah